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IMV is committed to bridge creative sciences with biopharma business strategies. Recent breakthroughs in basic immunology, such as the epigenetic regulation of checkpoints, combined with powerful new biotechnological tools drive the development of innovative biological drug substances and new drug products. IMV provides assistance for feasibilty and pilot studies, preclinical and clinical development.

Matthias Giese, founder of IMV, is a life science professional with 25+ years experience in the international regulated biopharmaceutical field. He leads R&D strategies and operations, candidate development, and client relations. Strong analytical skill, expert in modern biopharmaceutical drug development. Expert in new prophalytic and therapeutical vaccines (DNA, RNA, proteins, vector driven), hands-on specialist in immunology, molecular and cell biology, virology and oncology.

„Vaccinology is more than a simple combination of antigens with a proper adjuvant. Vaccinology means to go deeper and understand, in a more holistic approach, biological systems as series of more or less dependent subsystems like the immune system, and the nerve system influencing each other by dynamic functions. There is also a need to learn more about the regulations of immune genes by micro (mi) RNAs, miRNAs turn a gene on or off. What is the signal for this switch and could a vaccine also turn a target gene on or off?”

(Introduction to Molecular Vaccinology, Springer 2016)


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Molecular Vaccines - From Prophylaxis to Therapy
Volume 1

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Molecular Vaccines - From Prophylaxis to Therapy
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Introduction to Molecular Vaccinology